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So last night I had a pretty cool dream, I’m not sure exactly what was going on, but I was being chased, and I was running away from people. I know it doesn’t sound that awesome, but it was like this huge game of hide and seek, I was on the run climbing rooftops etc. while there were these people chasing me, almost like a game. To me it was pretty exciting to be in the dream and when I woke up with my heart pounding because I was “caught” I immediately wanted to get back into the same dream. So basically I went back to sleep and just resumed my dream. So my question is, can anyone else do this? I tend to dream a lot at night and I can frequently just resume my dream, especially if its a good one, but it only happens if I wake up, and still feel sleepy so I can fall right back asleep. I’m just kinda curious if anyone else can do this.

I think I resumed my dream about 4 times last night, when I woke up in the morning for classes. Anyways thats it for now!

  1. chiutoy said: i do that all the time!! lol. i never want the dream to end so i force myself to dream about.. sometimes i even try to daydream while im walking to class
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